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Institute for Global Initiatives

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The Institute for Global Initiatives at Holy Family University is committed to building an understanding of international relations and global affairs to bridge collaborations for Human Serving Developments.

Students of all majors are strongly encouraged to take advantage of opportunities and engage in experiential learning programs. These options include The Royal Academy of Science International Trust (RASIT) Internships, various work-study programs, and numerous public speaking engagements.

The IGI courses prepare students to understand the philosophical and realistic challenges of the political machine and governance. The program’s discovery approach empowers students to explore a wide range of policies and laws. The courses give students opportunities to utilize skills of analysis, critical thinking, and interpretation of political creation, development of laws and rights, and global citizenship.

Our Mission

The Institute for Global Initiatives is dedicated to forging a strong network of informed citizens to influence the next generation of leaders while engaging societies at all levels with critical issues that are essential to our lives, the PEOPLES of the world.

Program Structure

Unlike other majors and courses, IGI Students may choose to focus their studies on one or all of these areas. The individualized curriculum extends a solid intellectual foundation and understanding of how the world’s sociopolitical systems are constructed and operated.

The IGI Courses are divided into four areas:

  1. Theoretical Approaches & Introduction to GI
  2. International Organizations: Creation, History, Work & Politics
  3. Simulation & Internship Work
  4. Conferences & Briefings

Coursework is Structured into Two Levels

Foundational: Courses are designed to expose and prepare students to understand theory, general concepts. Essential knowledge and modes of inquiry

Advanced: Courses are designed to portray the true workings of the United Nations using simulations and relevant real-life scenarios.

  • Become a diplomat & represent your country’s position
  • Find solutions to the world’s most complex problems
  • Engage diplomatic delegates & mission to the United Nations

“War, hunger, crime, poverty, discrimination, exploitation... The Political and social challenges of our world seem overwhelming and even insurmountable at times. But students can prevail if they master the skills that they need to face injustice and become tomorrow’s global leaders.” - Dr. Julie O’Connell

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